Much has come to pass.

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything, and I lack both the drive and the know-how to make it look otherwise. Rest assured, there’s been much writing, much reading, and occasional forays into the music-making.

Check out the READINGS tab for links to my public readings of early Weird fiction, arranged for your sense-of-history in chronological order. A shortcut.

Check out the STORIES tab to see a list of recent publishing credits. Complete with links, where possible, to the stories themselves. Here.

What else? Check the DOUGLAS GWILYM PRESENTS tab for readings of contemporary authors. Right now, Frank Oreto’s Halloween tale, “Decoration”.

Have plenty to tell of my experience in Denver this year at StokerCon 2022, and am excited to be involved in StokerCon 2023, next June, right here in beautiful (terrifying) downtown Pittsburgh.

See also: a perplexing NEW collection of instrumental music, my pandemic record THE INWARD SPIRAL, and the “B sides and oddities” collection UNDERTOWN, all on Bandcamp, Spotify, and [insert your favorite streaming service here].

Be well and stay weird!

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