Alan & Jeremy vs. Science Fiction

Hey. So. You like science fiction? Maybe a little fantasy at the end of a long day at the mine? Horror & the weird & all other departures from the Probable tickle your fancy? Perhaps you even know the umbrella term, “speculative fiction”…?

Well have I got a podcast for you. Check it out, here!

Every month, Alan & Jeremy go forth to slay the Jabberwock with a little help from their friends. The podcast features guests from all walks of life: “writers & editors… academics, businessmen, scientists, musicians, & everything in between. “

The podcast is available wherever fine podcasts are sold–er, given away–and the point is to “dive in deep & see what [they] can learn about [them]selves & the world.”

Every month they cover a different short story with a guest. It’s often funny, usually thought-provoking, & always interesting. You got something better lined up for the commute?

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