Stokercon 2019

Favorite Monsters shirts are here!

Holy heck! Frank and I depart for Stokercon in two days. It’s home of the Bram Stoker Awards, & a rolicking get-together of folks who make (& love) dark fantasy, horror, & the Weird.

I have two SFWA conferences (“The Nebulas”) in my rear view mirror, & I think it’ll be pretty fascinating to compare & contrast. Both Stoker & the Nebulas are built around very serious awards ceremonies in their respective fields, & I expect Stokercon to be just as jam-packed with lovers of speculative fiction as the Nebs, but that is… so far… what I’ve got. 🙂

I am excited to see Mr. Robert McCammon in action, as I am a big fan of his novel Swan Song, among other things. I’d be shootin’ lollipops out of my skullholes (or some more decipherable euphemism for BS’ing you) if I told you I’m not a little disappointed to miss out on the opportunity to see Graham Masterton, but—hey–we will celebrate his lifetime’s achievement with style & gusto, & maybe he’ll hear our hubbub. Can’t wait to see who’s won what, & cheer on the awardees.

There’s much to look forward to, and there will surely be much to tell. Look for us at the big signing event. We will be set up with our editions of Triangulation & even (surprise!) “Favorite Monsters” t-shirts.

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